So you love wine.  We know that because you are on this website and following our Du Vin Crush journey.  But do you want to know more so that you can impress your friends with your wine knowledge?  Over the next few months, we will put together some fun trivia about wine so that you can become more knowledgeable as you are tasting and drinking.  Here are some fun facts:

  1. A “punt” is the dimple in the bottle of a wine bottle. A deep punt has nothing to do with the quality of the wine but rather has to do with the price of the bottles.  A deep punt means that the bottle was more expensive. 
  2. “Sommelier” is the French word for a wine waiter. The early 19th-century French translation of this word is “butler”.  It may also have stemmed from the old French words “sommerier”, “somier”, and “bête de somme”. In this old French language, a “bête de somme” was a “beast of burden” and the “sommelier” was its herdsman.
  3. A “corked” wine isn’t one that has bits of cork in it. It’s a wine that’s been tainted by a musty smelling odor that sometimes appears in corks called 2,4,6 trichloroanisole. The odor can also come from winery equipment so it is possible for wines sealed with screwcaps or plastic corks to be “corked”.
  4. Always store bottles stoppered with a cork on the sides. If you store in this method, the cork won’t become dried out and will keep a tight seal for your wine.  
  5. Every state in the USA produces wine commercially. Even Alaska. The only place in the USA that doesn’t have a commercial winery is Washington DC.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey to learn more about wine.  If you have any questions about these topics or want to learn more, contact us at

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