On June 14th & 15th, Du Vin Crush (Lara and Nancy) had an amazing opportunity to attend the Rise Conference put on by Rachel Hollis.  We are big fans of Rachel and found that her books, podcasts, and coaching sessions are valuable to us in our business and in our personal lives.  We got on a plane and headed to Minneapolis with no idea of how impactful this conference would be for us. 

Day 1– started with owning our past.  This was an extremely powerful and emotional day.  The bottom line is that all of us bring baggage to our personal and professional relationships and on this day, we talked about where we have come from and the struggles that we have had.  By the end of this day, we were emotionally exhausted!

Day 2– focused on moving forward.  Goal setting and planning were the topics of the day.  One of my favorite notes from this day was the idea that we must see our future like a movie playing in our minds.  Rachel pushed us all to choose one dream and go all in.  Her teachings focus on the one dream because it is really hard to have more than one goal and be successful.  Some of the big takeaways from the conference were:

  • No comparison – don’t compare your life and dreams to those of someone else – you will be doomed for failure
  • Don’t feel guilty for who you are
  • Take care of yourselves physically to be the best version of you
  • Create a badass music playlist – something that pumps you up
  • Commit to making change
  • Nobody can do this, but you so make it happen

Thank you, Rachel Hollis, for inspiring Du Vin Crush!  We are ready to take on the world and go big with our goals!

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