Most of us are familiar with old tried and true “rules” of pairing food and wine. Some of those that come to mind are that you should pair a big red wine with steak and that you should drink a light white wine with seafood.  While these combinations are great, what you should really know when it comes to pairing food and wine – there are no rules.  It is all about your personal preference.  Drink what you love with food that you love and you will always be happy!  

In honor of this concept and the fact that it this past week we celebrated National Eggs Benedict Day, we can recommend some of the following choices:

  • Rose and Eggs Benedict
  • Viognier with spicy Indian or Thai food
  • Champagne with Steak
  • Sauvignon Blanc with Chile
  • Riesling with Pizza
  • Red Burgandy with Sushi
  • Chardonnay and Popcorn
  • Champagne with Fried Chicken
  • Rose and Indian Food

It’s all about trying some fun pairings.  This week we challenge you to get adventurous and try an unusual food and wine pairing. If you find a new combination – let us know!

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