Du Vin Crush is in the wine marketing business so a big part of what we do is taste wine.  Whether we are meeting with our existing clients or scoping out new wines, tasting is part of our job (we know, it’s rough).    Here are some of the potential mistakes that have been identified by Uncorked Weekly:

  • Not eating before you go wine tasting – This is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure that you have some food before you drink wine.  A good breakfast or lunch before you head out is a must!
  • Making assumptions about the wine that you are tasting – Do you think that all Rosé is sweet? Have you given up on Merlot?  Our suggestion is that you go into any tasting with an open mind.  You might be surprised at what you find and might learn that something that you thought that you didn’t like is one of your new favorites!
  • Wearing perfume – This one is a pet peeve of mine. A large part of the tasting process is the nose or smell of the wine.  If you or others that you are tasting with are wearing perfume, you might be masking the true nose of the wine.
  • Tasting at more than 3 places per day – Too much wine can take a toll on your pallet.For me personally, after a few tastes, my pallet gets worn out or flabby and I have a hard time liking any of the wine. Stick to 2-3 tastings per day that are spaced out throughout the day to avoid this problem.
  • Not drinking enough water – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It is critical to drink water to not only cleanse the pallet but also to keep from getting tipsy.
    For more information on what Uncorked Weekly has to say on this topic, visit:  http://uncorkedweekly.com/8-mistakes-you-might-be-making-in-the-tasting-room/

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