Sarah and Brice Garrett from Serrano Wines “had” to go to Italy for wine research – a likely story.  They considered closing the downtown Paso Robles tasting room for 4 days until we offered to step in behind the wine bar.  I think Sarah thought we could handle the logistics of the job and I think Brice was worried we would give away the farm.  It all worked out.  Nancy and I have a newfound respect for the hustle that must happen in the tasting room to move wine.  We learned guests can be challenging, and they can be interesting, and some will share great stories. 

We put our WSET skills to the test.  We tried to offer guidance on taste and color.  We heard more descriptions about “earthly notes” and “fruit forward”, more than I care to admit.  This tasting room takeover was a great experience for us to see the other side of the wine life. 

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