The definition of gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.  It seems like such a simple concept but in our busy lives, we don’t always take the time to slow down and express our gratitude.  I started the practice many years ago of writing down five things that I was grateful for each day.  My life got busy and I stopped the practice until about a year ago.  At that time, my life felt out of control and I was having a hard time.  I decided to pick up the practice again and found that this type of focus helped me get through some tough days.  There were many days that I was grateful for a warm cup of coffee, my dog or a great glass of wine with my husband.  Simple things but important.

Life is busy for all of us but taking the time to count our blessings or show gratitude is important. So what am I grateful for today? A great business, wonderful wine clients, discovering new wines, a business partner that understands me and is patient with me, my family, my health, and my amazing tribe of friends. And in the end, I’m still grateful for my dog and that great glass of wine with my husband.  Some things never change!

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