If you read some of the wine publications like Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast, one of the things that you see on the pages are what I will call a lot of “wine paraphernalia”.  You can spend a fortune on accessories for your wine life but what are the things that you really need.  Here is what you need in our opinion for your accessories (besides wine and glasses):

  1. A good wine opener – The wine opener that you choose is really a matter of personal preference.  Some prefer the old fashioned one that waiters will use in restaurants while others prefer the fancier battery operated.  My only suggestion is to find one that you love and works well for you. You don’t need to get too fancy!
  2. A foil cutter – You can use a knife if you would like but a foil cutter will make your bottle look so much more appealing on the table and it is easy to use.
  3. A good brush for cleaning glasses and decanters – Try to find a brush that is designed to gently clean the insides of the glasses.  This way you can keep your regular dish cleaning sponges away from your glasses.
  4. A Proper champagne stopper – If you like to drink bubbles, this one is essential. The best kind will snap onto the neck of the bottle and will trap the carbon dioxide gas to keep your wine fresh.
  5. A great decanter (or several) – Most wines, including white wines, will benefit from decanting.  Decanting will help to remove sediment from old bottles, but it will also let your wine breath a bit since it has been held captive in the bottle.  Most wines will taste better once they have had a chance to decant.

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