Does the closure on your wine matter?  There are a variety of wine closures used in the industry including natural corks, synthetic corks and the screw top.  In my past, I had always perceived screw top closed wine to be less expensive and lower quality. That is definitely not the case these days!  I have tried some excellent high-quality wines that come with a screw top or synthetic cork and in my opinion, it does not affect the quality of the wine.  I might not be in the majority opinion on this one.  In a recent study in the International Journal of Hospitality Management, it was discovered that wine drinkers actually rated the wine higher in several categories when the wine used a natural cork.  The study participants rated the wine higher for taste, nose, and appearance when it appeared that the wine came from a bottle with a natural cork.  Maybe it’s perception but it appears that to some – the closure does matter.

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