If you decide to spend a day or a weekend in one of the wonderful California wine regions, you will more than likely find yourself wine tasting. As you are tasting new wines, at the end of the tasting, you will be presented with the option to purchase wine or more importantly, join the wine club. Purchasing wine can be an emotional response to a great day and many times we will find ourselves joining a new wine club. Hopefully
you are only joining the wine clubs when you are really enjoying the wine but many of us have been fallen under the spell of the day and joined a wine club that was not meant for us. So what are the pros and cons of joining the wine club? Read this list before you head out for your next wine tasting so that you are making an informed decision when you are
presented with the purchase details at the end of your tasting:

Benefits of joining a Winery’s Wine Club:

  • Wine clubs may ship you special wines such as reserve wines or exclusive releases that are not available anywhere except at the winery or to members.
  • Wine clubs may ship your wines before they are available to the public.
  • Many wineries don’t sell through retail so sometimes joining the wine club is the only way to have access to wine from this winery.
  • Wine shipments are usually discounted – sometimes up to 25 or 30%.
  • As a wine club member, you will receive shipments periodically throughout the year. It can be fun to receive new wine from a familiar brand and this can take you back to the day that you first experienced the wine.
  • If you like the wines produced by a winery, it is a convenient way to taste the latest offerings.
  • A winery may offer special events at the winery for wine club members only and for events open to the general public, you many times will receive a nice discount.
  • There is no cost to join a wine club.
  • You can quit a wine club at any time.

Disadvantages of joining a Winery’s Wine Club

  • Shipping charges may exceed the discount advantage so make sure to ask about shipping charges up front.
  • The selection made by the winery might be a wine variety you don’t enjoy.
  • Many wineries will give you the option to customize your order but this can be an area of concern.
  • The discounts are based on full retail pricing so if you can buy these wines at your local retail stores, they might be offered at a better discount.
  • Even though you can quit a wine club at any time, most people don’t get around to notifying the winery. You will need to call or email to inform the winery that you want to quit the wine club. Most of us (myself included) forget to contact the winery and then another shipment magically shows up.

Whether you join a wine club or not is a personal decision. Just make sure that when you are part of a club that you have selected the wineries that you really love. Then you will be thrilled each time that the wine shows up!
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